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Andy's Trip Part 5.

Subject: Andy's Trip Part 5.
From: "Ramm, Andy" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 12:12:27 -0600
Not much more to say for Emma hwerself, but thanks to listmember Jim 
McDougal, there are a myriad of new things that will significantly 
contribute to the rebuilding and restoration of the car.  Parts include 
some good interior panels, a rear bumper, intake manifold, head, smog 
equipment, speedo, 4 speed tranny and miscellaneous other items, all of 
which I need.  Many thanks to Jim who was eminantly fairr in his pricing 
of all these things.  Right now, I suspect that the starting problem is 
more likely a case of a bad connection or a dirty terminal somewhere.  I 
haven't had a chance to fettle this out

Andy's trip part 5, deeper into the depths of Texas
I continued along the plains, now on Highway 10, wondering at the immense 
and plentiful crested buttes, blanketed under an endless see of white 
clouds and gray horizon.  The nice people of Ozona tricked me into 
visiting their town.  I'm also glad they did it.  Ozona, Texas, county 
seat of Crockett County, Texas, home of David Crockett.  "Come see the 
famous statue of Davy Crockett and Davy Crockett historical museum in 
Ozona," the sign said.

I immediately exited, but realized I had done so a few miles too soon.  
This forced me to travel down the main residential street in Ozona.  
Ozona, if you didn't know already, is really in the middle of nowhere.  
Except for the cattle, there's nothing around to tell you that you're 
even on the same planet with other Earth creatures.  Ozona has Davy 
Crockett and it also has some of the most exquisite mansions I've seen, 
which in Palo Alto, might set you back a cool six million.  Who knows 
what they'd cost in Ozona.  They must have been the ranch owners' houses. 
 Spanish stone villas and classic plantation houses with twenty-foot 
columns so white as to be blinding dominated the pristine, elm-lined 
street.  Davy Crockett's statue paled in comparison.

Later, the clouds parted, and I found my windmill.  Rusty, old, and with 
a smattering of jumbleweeds and cactus posed against a scrubby hill, the 
scene was perfect.  I also had the unique opportunity of shooting the 
same scene with both Agfapan 25 and Ilford's quirky XP 400.  Agfapan 25 
probably records more information about a scene than any other 35 mm 
black and white print film.  The Ilford, on the other hand, is the only 
"black and white" film that can be procesed using C-41 color process.  
However, when running it through a typical 1 hour machine, the Ilford 
came out with dramatic cepiatone characteristics, exaggerated with the 
use of orange and red filters.  What could be better for an old Texas 
windmill and some cactus?!

Copyright 1995 Andy Ramm

To be continued.....

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