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South Bay Strippers ?

Subject: South Bay Strippers ?
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 95 09:17:43 +0800
Happy New Year to all.

        After talking to Andy Ramm before his trip to Tx and reading about 
his adventures on the trip back, I am motivated.  My #1 'B has been 
airbourne (jack stands) and inactive long enough.  I have the engine 90% 
ready and a good tranny.  All it really needs are floor boards, and a strip 
and a paint.

Questions, Questions, Questions:

        1. Can anyone direct me to a reputable stripping establishment in 
the South SF Bay area? (and not the Pink Poodle, they don't serve beer)

        2. What stripping media should be used to avoid body-panel warpping? 
(EPA says no chemicals)  

        3. After it is stripped, what type of primer should I shoot it with 
to lay a solid foundation for the paint?

        4. Should I perform any extra prep work prior to priming to insure a 
good paint bond?

         I am ready to get whats left of my hair back in the wind.

Thanks in advance,

R.John Fagerlund    _ _     o o 
                  C  u  D
'65 B x 2
'66 BGT

        It's all them holes in the bottom what made it sink!

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