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electrical problem found!

Subject: electrical problem found!
From: rbolian@Synopsys.COM (Roland Bolian)
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 08:34:20 -0800
Hello again, it is I with the 76' Midget and the cash flow problem. I think
I have found my electrical problem. After tracing my wiring harness
I discovered a long black burn in the wiring harness wrap under the dash-
in two different places. This long weekend I plan on completely unwrapping
the harness, cutting out the old and splicing in the new. Thanks to
everyone who responded to me yesterday, I'm sure you all saved me over
150.00. Thank-god... oh I'm sorry high priestess of MG repair- thank-you
too! I'll let everyone know how everything works out. Oh, by the way, in
the process of finding my electrical problem, I discovered how to clean the
inside glass of my instrument gauges- What a difference!! One little thing
at a time.
Roland J Bolian III

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