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MGA Project Update - latch tapping plate/tail light wiring

To: "'MG submission'" <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: MGA Project Update - latch tapping plate/tail light wiring
From: "Cordell, Ralph PhD" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 10:00:31 -0500
I finished hooking up the lights yesterday evening and took the 'A' for
the most extended ride yet - just around Tucker.  Stopped at BP & filled
her up - not quite the class of the Seinfeld commercial but close.  
I had forgotten how noisy these little buggers are - not just the
engine/exhaust but the fuel pump ticks, the voltage regulator clicks,
numerous whirs and rattles.  Some of these probably don't belong there
and I'll be asking about them as I sort em out.   Down-shifted into my
first corner in over 30 years - what a trip!!  I took it a bit wider
than I'd've liked but I had to hold the drivers side door shut.
I was itching to drive it to work this AM but it rained.  Tomorrow is
supposed to be nice so I'll try it tomorrow.  A buddy checked out the
dent from my weekend mishap - said it should be no problem to pound out.
I had a few things to touch-up anyway so no big deal wrto paint.  My
goal was to have it on the road by the time the azaleas bloomed - looks
like I just made it.  

Question - My turn signal indicators don't work.  I am not sure I hooked
up the tail lights properly and may have switched wires (red vs
white/red & red vs white/purple I believe).  Does this make any

Suggestions on replacing/installing/repairing a latch tapping plate that
fell inside the post would be appreciated.  I'd thought about drilling
and tapping a piece of scrap steel rather than pay $14 to Moss.  How do
you hold it in place when the latch is not bolted on?

Thanks much.

ralph cordell
'59 MGA (On the Road Again!!)
'84 Turbo Regal (next project - engine is balanced - will be a beast)
'87 Grand National
'96 Roadmonster                 

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