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RE: MGF - is it a real MG? Now Shipping a MGF

To: RossOvercash <>
Subject: RE: MGF - is it a real MG? Now Shipping a MGF
From: "EPMD- van syckel, John" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 15:40:15 +0200

I will ask MP Customs again, but the last time I asked them something about
a similar topic; they were absolutely, totally, clueless ("Um, it might need
a new speedometer, I ain't sure.").  I think I will go to the British Car
Center in Mannheim after work today and see if I can get some
specifications.  Then I can post them, and someone a hell of lot smarter
than I am can figure out what's needed to get a MGF into the States.

I think the bond had (has) to do with emissions control.  I can't imagine a
modern European car would need anything in this respect anymore (except
maybe in CA).  However, I really don't know.

I do know that when I shipped my 1971 MGB (U.S. specs) to Germany, I did
nothing except help the transport driver unload the car and then go downtown
to register it (yes, it passed inspection, TUV, MOT, whatever you want to
call it without a problem).

John S. van Syckel
1971 MGB (BRG, no PO)
MG Car Club Deutschland, e.V.
AMGBA #78-568

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> Plus if I remember correctly from my 10 years worth of assignments to
> Germany you must post a bond with customs equal to the value of the car
> and the cost of bringing it to US standards (not just emissions but safety
> too)
> Jay,
> It would be interesting to know what it would really cost to bring a
> European spec car to the US and what are the differences too.  I bet MP
> customs would have an idea.  Maybe you could find out?
> Safety Fast!!
> Ross Overcash, 74B, NAMGBR 2-1172, Ayer, MA

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