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Happy Happy Joy Joy Vendor Stories

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Happy Happy Joy Joy Vendor Stories
From: Williams/MG Guy <>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 14:50:51 -0700 (MST)
Now, I'm impressed. No, make that REALLY impressed!

Through this very list, I came into contact with Ted at TS Import Automotive
in Pandora Ohio. Service - first rate, first class - the product & price:
ditto. Ordered braided steel lines and a new oil cooler, and Ted and his
folks came through in fine style. Recommended. Two thumbs up from excellent.

Secondly, Vic Brit. There's an error in their catalogue (page 159, item 10
is listed as the OD/GT Heated Rear Window relay. It's not. Actually, item
#13, listed as starter relay, is. Problem is the illustrations for the
relays are switched from edition 35 to edition 36 of their catalogue.)
Discovered this upon preparing for OD relay installation. Contacted VB
customer service, first via fax, then by phone, and was connected to Susan
Scmitt, Manager. After discussion, Susan rectified my requirements, and made
note of the discrepancy in the catalogue, and sent the relay I required
immediately - INCLUDING a follow up call to advise sending by mail rather
than UPS, and inherit the discussed-here-already surprise charges! Vic Brit
- highly recommended. this is the second time in the past couple of years
I've had to call back on an error, but received first class service both times.

Thought I'd share this with the list.

Standby for OD installation update, which will include the two most
disgusting chores - attaching the tranny to the engine, and the new speedo
cable to the back of the speedo...

'Til then, then,

Cheers from Canada's moist, yet emerging to Spring tlantic coast,

Terry Williams
'70 BGT
'68 roadster 

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