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TD footrest vs firewall

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Subject: TD footrest vs firewall
From: "jspeiser" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 09:30:35 -0500
Bob & Bob et al

Thanks for the tips.  I found that the firewall I got from Moss doesn't
have the holes pre-drilled to install the footrest, probably because not
all the cars came with one.  With your help, I've found the right
arrangement and will drill my own holes, although Bob Howard's idea of
fitting the top of the footrest with hinges so it can be lifted up and the
space behind it used for storage may be the best way to go.  Certainly
storage space is at a premium on these cars!  The photos in Horst Schach's
TD Restoration book are also a great help  . . . a picture is worth 1,000
etc . . . Thanks again.
John Speiser
'53 TD with new firewall and footrest

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