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More MGB Head Swapping

Subject: More MGB Head Swapping
From: Jethogger <>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 22:47:29 EST
Hello Scott.    I have 1967 block. With a 1970 (18GH  motor number) head. The
head is a 18-L with shallow chamber on my 67 block.  Also running a mild
road/street cam.  I have 175 PSI compression on each cylinder.  Weber down
draft.  with monza header and exhaust.  I do not seem to have any problems.
Always use high test gas.   Bore .030 with 1969 pistons, 8.8 to 1 compression
  Just my two cents.  John Rossi  67MGB Old English White.
PS.  Also 77mgb overdrive transmission bolted to this engine.

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