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TD footrest

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Subject: TD footrest
From: "Ernest C. Betts" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 98 03:33:15 UT
It's taken awhile for someone to figure out and finally ask about what I did 
25 years ago with my TD footrest.  I had longer bolts through the firewall 
with the nuts to the firewall.  Then I used an extra set of nuts to hold the 
footrest in place and only finger tight.  I used a wooden cigar box for 
storage and carried extra plugs, points, etc, plus I also had "more stuff" 
stashed under the foot rest.  I did not screw the foot rest through the carpet 
and it never slipped.  Always had an extra head gasket and other small gaskets 
under the passenger carpet.  Was able to carry extra qt. oil can right on the 
frame (driver side) and it never moved.  Tow cable was wound around the center 
hub of the spare tire carrier.  If you look around there is a lot of unused 
space in and under a TD.  At one time I had an extra half shaft under the rear 
deck.  There are plans available to build "neat" storage boxes under the rear 
shelf.  On my YT, I even had a complete non-foldable tow bar stored under the 
rear boot.  Just look around.

Ernie Betts
Holiday, FL
'50 TD   

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