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brake question

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Subject: brake question
From: Tyson Sherman <>
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 19:34:35 -0500
I posted last week about leaking rear brakes on my 76 MGB.  Recap: I
rebuilt the rear wheel cyinders and neither leaked.  However, one broke
a bleeder, so it was unuseable.  So I replaced it. Well the replacement
leaked, so I was sent a new one (free).  Well it leaks too, and also the
bleeder sucks up air whenever the bleeder assistant lets off the pedal.
The new cylinder leaks out of the "dust covers" as they're called in the
factory manual...the two seals that go on the outside of the pistons.
The brakes work well, but their effectiveness has already lessened in
the 5 mile ride home.  I could lock them up instantly as soon as I bled
them, but can't now.  The rear wheel is wet from brake fluid also. So
there's a leak in the cylinder around the pistons, and from the bleeder
also.  Have I done something incredibly wrong, or am I getting crappy
parts twice in a row (both lockheeds).

Tyson Sherman [whose MGB has missed TWO WEEKS of pretty top-down days]

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