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Midget Progress

To: spridgets@Autox.Team.Net, mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Midget Progress
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 21:33:10 -0700 (PDT)
Well, I finally got around to having time to put all the list advice to work.  
now own a timing light!  Could they have put the timing marks in a more 
inaccessable place? 

Anyway, I was working on the timing, crawling under the front bumper to shine 
the timing light at the marks, and sittin back up next to the fender and 
reaching in to turn the distributor...not an easy task for a 48 year OF in 
condition, when I managed to pull the distributor out instead of turning it.  

Ol' 1275 don't run good with dizzy in dumb present owners hand!

Well, I got out my new Haynes manual and learned how to static time too..good 
experience, yes?  I also took the opportunity to take the dist. into my shop 
 clean it up a bit.  Someone had painted it black at some time, not it shines a 

Anyway..I got everything back the right way and it actually fired up!  I then 
proceeded to "tune" the carbs.  Still don't think I got them right, but I took 
it on a test drive and she ran great for about six blocks.....

Can you say "out of *%$#%%@@! gas?  Short walk home, borrow 4 ft. of garden 
of the one in the front yard, and head back with the pick up.  Use of the OK 
credit card had Katy running well again in about 10 minutes.  Then I drove her 
home and presueded my lovely wife to drive me back to the pick up.

I think I'll invest in a color tune or a flow meter...any suggestions on which? 
 Also, turning the adjustment nut on the bottom of the SU uo towards the bottom 
of the carb, thats leaning it right?

Another thing, my intake manifold has two nipples (no jokes) with the vacum 
running to the dist. on one, and nothing on the other.  If I put my finger on 
the other, the engine begins to stumble and almost die.  What does this tell 

Also, my tach doesn't work, and there is a green wire loose behind it.  When I 
plug this onto the spade on the back of the tach, it swings over to 7000 and 
pegs out.  I left it disconnected.  Is this a sign of a short in the wonderfus 
Lucas wiring harness?

Finally, my odometer turned over 90,000 on the way to work last week.  I was 
overjoyed, but at 90,006 the speedo and odo stopped working altogether.  Sound 
like a cable gave up?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may give, and thanks to all for the advice 
on the timing light and the carb tuning, even if I didn't do everything right.

Robert Houston
74'Midget, Katy

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