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Re: Mgs in the movies

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Subject: Re: Mgs in the movies
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 07:26:32 EDT
In a message dated 4/3/98 2:55:01 PM, wrote:

>ust saw a promo for the new film My Giant, starring Billy Crystal.  One of
>co-stars appears to be a BRG MGF.  Quite hilarious seeing George Muresan (the
>current tallest man), riding with the top of the windscreen frame about level
>his chest!
>Chris Delling
Takes me back about 27 years.  When I was an undergrad at Nebraska there was a
basketall player, name of Ambrose, who stood about 6'10".  About one foot
taller than me.  I was comming home one night in my '63 B when he asked me if
I would take him on a beer run.  We popped the top, and I gave him my shades
to keep the bugs out of his eyes.  We did get some strange looks on the road,
but it worked pretty well.

Bob Shaw

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