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Free Car Carcus & Parts

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Subject: Free Car Carcus & Parts
From: Jay Quinn <>
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 09:15:41 -0500
I have a 72 MG Midget donor body.  Pretty 

Minus engine, tranny and brakes...

The body is all still there including trim 

See pix at:

Also have misc tranny parts and different things 
you may need.

The carcus will be hauled off to the junk yard 
within a week or so.  If you want it whether 
pieces or parts, you'd better hurry.

Cars address is:

1117 E.  Spring Valley Rd.
Richardson, TX 75081

My Numbers:

H) 972.690.0841
W) 972.766.1355

If you live reasonably close to me, I have a 
truck with hitch, you rent the U-Haul, together 
we'll move it to your place.

Jay Quinn

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