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1275 resurrection

To: "'Spridgets'" <spridgets@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: 1275 resurrection
From: "Elliott, Patrick" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 10:07:50 -0700
 I rebuilt my 1275 and have finally got it into the car. Before I
attempt to run it , I would like to turn it over , build up some oil
pressure, and generally make sure nothing is going to break.
 Question #1. Do I have to "prime" the oil system in any way?
 Question #2. How long will it have to turn over before I get any oil
flow out of the pressure gauge fitting?
 Question #3. When I rebuilt it, I filled the top end of the cylinder
with oil to protect them while I got the car ready to except the
                         engine.  Would it behoove me to flush these out
with gas or diesel ? or just let it burn out?
 Question #4  Does anyone have a Starter switch from a 948 ? 


Patrick Elliott 
(916) 857 6420 Desk
(916) 803 3775 Cell
Sacramento Switch Ops.

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