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Subject: New MGA
From: "Douglas Gaither" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 16:30:48 -0700
Good News!

My dad just bought a 1957 MGA 1500!  When he was married back in 1958, he
had an English White '56 MGA and has always yearned to have another.  He
currently has a '73 MGB that is in pretty good shape.  Anyways, we found
this MGA basically in boxes but mostly all there.  It is missing the rear
left fender and the rear right fender has some rust damage.  So, I whipped
out the ol Moss catalog and WHOA!!!  $800 for a fender!  The good news is
that the engine was rebuilt 18 years ago and has never been filled with
fluids or started (duh!).  There are extra parts: head, axle, alloy doors,
bonnet.  There are also new-in-box interior, chrome trim, rubber seals, etc.
It is missing the hydraulics.  He paid $2500 for this which I thought was
pretty good.


Was this really a good deal or have I led him down a wayward path?
Are there places to acquire rear fenders at a reasonable price?
We've purchased most of our parts from Moss, are there any MGA specific
suppliers that we should seek out?
Is a disk brake conversion a smart modification?
If we are going to paint it (ourselves) do we paint the body off the chassis
or on?
I thought the original color code was designated somewhere on the car, where
is it?
What things about A's should be pointed out to B owners (important


Doug Gaither

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