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Re: relays

To: Jim Stuart <>, V8 list <mgb-v8@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Re: relays
From: Keith Wheeler <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 98 23:40:06 PDT

Radio Shack has the plastic body four lug (so you can hot- or ground-
switch) for $5.99 (#275-226), 12V, 30A, SPST, quality and mfg

Digikey (1-800--344-4539, known for excellent stocking and turn around)
has some similar relays:

from Omron:
Z982-ND, plastic body, 12V, 35A, $5.32, SPDT
Z983-ND, "weatherproof", 12V, 35A, $5.46, SPDT

from Siemens:  (listed as automotive relays)
PB315-ND, molded bracket, 12V, 40A, $4.42, SPST
PB228-ND, molded bracket, 12V, 40A, $5.75, SPDT
PB227-ND, "weatherproof", 12V, 40A, $6.89, SPDT

Newark stocks pretty much the same relays as Digikey, for
a bit more $$$.

Electronics Goldmine and Alltronics (among other surplus
houses) may have what you want, but good old Digikey will
probably be your best bet for fast, reliable shipping, along
with the concept of getting parts with a manufacturer's name
on them.

-Keith Wheeler
Team Sanctuary                

At 09:11 PM 4/6/98 -0400, Jim Stuart wrote:
>Does anyone have a source for Bosch automotive relays? What I am looking
>for is continuous duty 30 amp. It is a small black plastic cube with 4
>male contacts, as used for fog lights, etc.
>I need fast shipping, & reasonable price for 5 or 6.
>Jim Stuart
>Gaithersburg, Md
>2 MGBV8's, no dollars or sense

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