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Re: I want to start my 69 MGB

To: Mike Geanacopoulos <>
Subject: Re: I want to start my 69 MGB
From: "Christopher G. Moog" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 22:08:03 -0400
Mike Geanacopoulos wrote:

> etc... by not starting it over the years. Does anybody have any tips before
> I restart her after almost 5 years ??????

Open the gas cap and smell the fuel if it smell like linseed oil you need to
drain the tank (60% chance).  Make sure the radiators topped up, drain oil
change filter.  Remove the spark plugs and squirt some engine oil in each
hole.  Crank with the fuel pump turned off until you build up oil pressure.
Replace the plugs, reconnect the fuel pump and start.  Drive to the nearest gas
station and fill.  Drive until the fuel is almost gone, refill and change the
oil.  My 78 (Twin SUs) sat without starting for almost four years during a slow
body rebuild.  Started right up using the old fuel.  Remember to check the
brakes and clutch hydraulics before moving.

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