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Re: List prices?

To: (Trevor Boicey)
Subject: Re: List prices?
From: (Nory)
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 09:58:54 -0400
The Standard Catalog of Imported Cars 1946-1990 has original point of
entry prices.  Don't know how it would compare to your Canadian dollar
of the day, but the 1957-58 ZB Magnette price is listed as $2535.  By
comparison, the 1500 MGA Roadster of the same years is listed at $2269,
and the hardtop at $2620.  Porsches of the day ranged from $3215 to
$5915.  You could buy a Ford Anglia at the time for around $1500.  It
appears that the Magnette was a mid-priced type sedan of the day, sort
of like the Buick would have been this side of the pond.


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