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Re: MGA horn

To: "Cordell, Ralph PhD" <>
Subject: Re: MGA horn
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 15:59:36 +0000
Cordell, Ralph PhD wrote:
> The horn on my '59 MGA does not work.  While down here in the South,
> folks tend to favor more digital forms of communication, horns are used
> from time to time (usually as a greeting or approbation).  I have hooked
> a meter to the wires to the horn and get current when the button is
> depressed (reads about 9v on the 10v scale and 12v on the 50v scale).  I
> hooked the horn up to my battery charger and got a real blast.  I've
> futched around with the horn contacts - hit them with fine sandpaper,
> WD40 and a bit of air.  It appears I have a loose connection somewhere
> and may not be getting enough current to the horn.  I plan on running a
> jumper across my horn switch terminals and checking all my connections.
> Any other suggestions?

I was having trouble getting a good enough ground from the column to run the 
pukka horns 
on my V8 B (the DPO had fitted what looked like the horn off a moped) so took 
the easy way 
out and used a relay mounted on the bulkhead.


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