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Re: MGB tires

To: mark page <>
Subject: Re: MGB tires
From: Bill Schooler <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 11:40:54 -0400
mark page wrote:
> Does anyone know what the proper tire size is
> for a 1967 MGB with wire wheels?


Assuming you have the standard, 60-spoke wires, the correct size radial
is a 165SR-14.  Can be difficult to find, but they are available.  

Recognize that my use of the term "correct" means what was originally
recommended by the maker of the car.  Lots of folks around who will
suggest using other sizes that are more readily available (and cheaper)
such as a 185SR-14 or the 170SR-14.  Your rims are 4.5 inches which is
too small for the 185 series tire, according to the tire books, but a
lot of folks use them - apparently to no ill effect.  

If you decide to go with the 165 tire, let me know and I'll look up the
address and phone number of the place in PA where I ordered mine a
couple of years ago.

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