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Re: Replacement Dash Info

To: Ben Ruset <>
Subject: Re: Replacement Dash Info
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 15:53:15 -0400
At 02:14 PM 4/14/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Is there a source for the steel backing for the dashes? I'm going to
>replace my dash and have a new pad, but I don't want to mess around with
>getting the old one off the old backing. Any ideas?
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Hello Ben, I have no idea where you can get the backing. Maybe British Miles
that sell used parts. As far as removing the backing plate I can give you
some advise. 

1. Remove all the gauges and glove box and keep all screws. DUH!
2. Remove all C clips and braces if any
3. Option 1. With your wifes blow drier apply heat to outer edges. The old
dash gets soft and you can peel it off.
4. Once you have removed the old dash, wash with a strong detergent let dry
and apply
   gas to dissolve the old glue used to stick the dash. 
5. Once backing is nice and clean you can paint with antiox paint if necessary.

Here is how I installed my dash.

1. Find a couple of wood blocks or cloth covered bricks.
2. Apply plenty of heat to dash with car not to come to close.
3. Once dash is nice and soft apply glue to center area where the vent fins
   Let dry for about 10 min
4. VERY carefully cut out the hole for outermost clocks and also for the
inner most    clock. If you want you can cut out all holes. Do not leave the
cut out for later       since these holes will help you align the dash.
5. Glue rest of the dash and align the holes of the clocks.
6. Put dash face down with wood block on center so preasure is excerted on
the center 
   vent area. This is where the dash must be glued on very well.
6.5 Glue rest of the dash extrems to backing making sure the clock holes align
7. Place heavy object on center of dash. I put my valve head Ha Ha!
8. Let glue for a couple of hours or over night.
9. It is very very useful to have at least 4-6 vise grips at hand to glue
the outer
   rims of dash. 
10. Make sure you never apply the vise grip to the bare dash and use a piece
of card
    board to protect.
11. Rule of thumb is use your heir dryer to loosen the dash. It becomes very
    and forms very nicely to backing.

Hope this help. Enrique.

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