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Non MG question but auto related

To: "" <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Non MG question but auto related
From: Don Markham <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 20:44:47 +0000
    I know this is not an MG related question, but I'm practically bald
from pulling my hair out trying to solve this and I'm to young to go
The problem is I have a 88 Old's Calais with the 2.3 Quad Four motor
that I can NOT get to run a constant water temperature. I have replaced
the water pump, thermostat, sending unit for the gage, blew compressed
air through the radiator, heater core and inlet and exit of the blocks
coolant passages and did not find any obvious blockages and still the
temp varies from 160 to 220 degrees nonstop. The temp fluctuation
continues through out my 45 min drive to work and never settles down.
Does anyone have any suggestions ???????

Thanks, Don Markham
88 Olds problem child

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