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Re: NOS - Definition

To: "Scott McKorkle" <>, "Kevin Richards" <>,
Subject: Re: NOS - Definition
From: "Kai Radicke" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 15:21:10 -0400

>Well, then...
>I sure stuck my foot in my mouth...
>I thought it meant New Old Stock.... close...

No, I've heard both used.  Paul (my co worker) maintains the New Old Stock
theory.  I've gotten accustomed to saying New Original Stock.  Same thing,
but IMHO... just because its "new old" doesn't mean its "original" which is
typically the thought when purchasing NOS parts.  (my argument is that if I
sell you an after market part from 1965 for an MGB, does that make it NOS?)

NOOES - New Old Original Equipment Stock

I think that one covers all the bases :-)

Kai Radicke -- -- 1966 MGB @
IRC:, #inet-access (my nick: KMR or rebelgeek)

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