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Re: What...A MGB Trailer???

To: charlie schellinck <>
Subject: Re: What...A MGB Trailer???
From: Philip Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 15:31:04 -0700
charlie schellinck wrote:
> Saw a MGB trailer today but it shure looked funny. The guy cut his GT up
> and now his trailer is a camper very silly I will chase him with the
> digital camera to get more pictures!
> Cheer's
> Adam Schellinck
> 1973 BRG MGB Roadster in 1 millon pieces.
> 1985 Toyota 4-runner (off road stuff)
> 1983 Toyota Pick-up with x-tra cab

I asked this question a couple of weeks ago - Whether anyone had seen an 
MGB-GT cut up and used as a trailer. In fact I was thinking of two GT's 
cut at the B pillar and then welded back to back to use as a "small" 
sleeping area - any more info would be appreciated. Have since seen a yet 
to be introduced prototype of a trailer that weighs about 800 pounds and 
will sleep two people - it harkens back to the teardrop trailers of 
yesteryear but made of fibreglass. It looks a good bet to tow behind my 
B's and could be finished to match their colors. Costs is around $4300!
Regards Padre

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