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Re: Speaker Grille

To: "Douglas Gaither" <>
Subject: Re: Speaker Grille
From: Ben Ruset <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 19:00:34 -0400
>One of the P.O.'s of my car (1966MGB) was indeed a D.P.O.  They spray
>painted the silver speaker grille a flat black.  Now, I would like to make
>it original but I don't know what to use to remove the existing paint.
>If I use some good old Jasco paint remover, will it also remove the silver
>from the grille?  (I don't know what the grille is made of).
>I'd just buy another but they are around $50!

Speaking of speaker grills, anyone know where I can get a pair of grills for
the door speakers for a 78B? 

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