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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety NO LBC and little

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Subject: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety NO LBC and little
From: (Richard L. Bergstrom)
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 21:16:55 -0400
Just a quick note to all....

I got the chance to tour the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in
Ruckersville Virginia today.


We didn't get to see crash..but they did crash the new Beetle
yesterday...It looks like it did real well in the offset 40MPH test and
5mph bumper checks.  You couldn't tell they crashed tested the low speed
tests at all.  NEAT car period!!  Thye had the 40mph VW Beetle "victim"
rolled up on its side so we could see the deformation that had
occurred...passenger compartment was realtively untouched.

We did see an ABS demonstration on their skid pad.  It is coated with a
sealer that is about like ice when wet.  Stopping distance wasn't
remarkable, but the ability to drive around an obstruction while panic
braking was very impressive.

They were extremely complimentary to Volvo and BMW.  They had an 850
chassis on display.  It had a great method of reinforcing the door from
intrusion.  The door, when hit, moves in and picks up a beam in the
drivers seat which then picks up a metal structure in the center of the
car, which then hits the passenger seat and then to the opposite side.  A
large roll hoop is integral in the headliner.  We didn't get to see a
crashed one.  (Volvo Content)

We got to see video of BMW door frame mounted airbag.  Nice idea, worked

The most impressive display I saw was the results of changes made by the
manufacturers in their designs in response to the testing.  Major
improvements in survivability and decrease cost to repair after minor
accidents at low (5mph speeds)..Even between cars that you would think
were the same (i.e. First year of  the new Maxima vs.a 1997 and the a 3
year old mazda MPV Vs. a 1997)

Sure wish I could have seen a crash test though!

I do know that if I get hit in the Midget I AM TOAST!  Hopefully the
small size will let me drive around the problem!   (LBC Content)

Ric Bergstrom,  Richmond,  VA
1973 Midget  1275    '88 240 Volvo   '92  F150    '74 Midget  1275
Central Virginia MG Classics, AMGBA, VMSC

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