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Kevin's 65 B

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Kevin's 65 B
From: Jethogger <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 08:31:48 EDT
Hello Kevin.   Sounds like a good find.  The 65 engine 3-Main?  Is a good
resale engine.  You see it a replace for MGAs .   It is a bigger engine, more
power. direct bolt in, it has the tach drive..  A good upgrade for the As.
Front fender if in good conditon..  I will be a Carlilie.  Have a vendor space
(E-39).  If you bring your car to the show.  Rent a ventor space and not a car
coral space.  They are same price.
The ventor space is bigger.  You can park you car there for sale.  Plus there
is room for your family car too.  Kind of a like a home base.  Then you can
bring your own food and drink. Good place to rest your feet.  Alot of walking
around there.
See you there.  10 hour drive for me.  Stay at super motel 8.   john
Flintstone, Ga.

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