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Subject: sightings
From: Keith Wheeler <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 98 20:46:18 PDT
Hey gang!

Spent the day in the "Ecology" yards south of San Diego.  Today's
catch of poor neglected interesting machinery:

        MG Midget #2644.  Damn what an early car!  Shame it's
        where it is.  I got the passenger door for my Bugeye,
        and the gauges.  Tub has a little bit of surface rust in
        the footwells, but other wise no rust.  This is a very
        rare car, a side curtain Midget.  Please someone who
        needs parts for such a machine e-mail me or something
        so more of it can be saved!

        Early (4 speed) TR-7.  All there, but a total basket case.
        I need the speedo cable from a 5 speed for my 'B V-8
        project.  Oh well.

        Early (4 headlamp) Jaguar XJS.  No drive train.  Shunted.
        Still has independent rear.

        Early Jaguar XJ6.  Complete drive train, however one cam
        cover removed (missing?).  Has nice looking IRS, body is
        rusty, bent, and sad.

        TR Spitfire.  Mostly there, 1500cc.  (No master cylinders,
        I got those a few weeks ago!)

        FIAT X1/9.  Farily complete.  1300 carb car.

I also snagged some bits for my Spec RX-7, a seat and some door
panels.  Nice seat for $20....which gives you an idea of the pricing
in this yard...I bet a fellow could get those complete Jag rear
ends for $200.

-Keith Wheeler
junkyard mercenary for hire
Team Sanctuary                

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