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Re: Any interest in MGA list? (or MGC..)

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Any interest in MGA list? (or MGC..)
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 23:36:22 -0700
I'm list administrator for several other largish mail lists, and I've
seen similar systems proposed - however I've yet to see them actually
contribute to 'readability' of a list.  New users on the list (and on
a large list the churn is significant) don't know the system, many
people simply don't use it, and topic *invariably* drift from whatever
the Subject: starts as.  Also, its still means you have to go through 
your mailbox and delete stuff you aren't interested in in the first place.

My main concern is the volume of highly knowlegable people leaving the
list due to volume.  Could there not be a low-volume model specific
list to complement/offer an alternative?


Word on the street is that Bob MGT said:
> I don't own an A or a C, but I enjoy reading about them. I really don't think
> there's enough T or C traffic to support separate lists for these models.
> Perhaps we could come up with some marker in the subject line that would
> identify the model or indicate general interest. This would give the mail
> reader something to use to segregate the messages. Maybe something like:
> 'MG' - General MG info
> 'LBC' - British Car but not specifically MG
> 'NLBC' - No LBC content
> 'MGT' - TA,TB,TC,TD or TF
> 'MGA'
> 'MGB'
> 'MGC'
> 'MGRV8'
> 'MGF'

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