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Re: Concerns about shipping Old Speckled Hen...

Subject: Re: Concerns about shipping Old Speckled Hen...
From: (Eric R. Stephen)
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 11:05:55 -0400 (EDT)
I visited the Morland Web site and obtained the number of a Canadian
importer.  Bruce Charkow (905) 475-0139 informed me that the LCBO (Liquor
Licensing Board of Ontario) will be stocking "Old Speckled Hen"
(500ml) starting in late May or June of this year.  OSH draft will also
apparently be available in a few selected pubs in the Ottawa area soon (I
believe he mentioned "The Swan at Carp" [no financial interest] as one of the
initial few).

>There is no problem shipping Old Speckled Hen.  I work in a post office, and
>unless you tell them what is in a package, or are sending internationally, or
>qualify as "target mail,"  they have no right to open it and find out the
>contents.  (For the curious "target mail" is a package over 1lb, with stamps
>as postage, no return address, and either a mysteriously appearance at the
>post office or left in drop box).  I have seen advertised nationally the "Beer
>Of The Month Club" and if you can't ship USPS you can surely mail it UPS.
>Still working on getting a price.  Even though Old Speckled Hen is availible
>in over 50 US bars on tap now (mostly in Mass) it is still rare in the bottled
>form, so it may take a few more days.   Thanks, and keep sending your requests
>knowing full well that this is legal!
>   John

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