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Re: British Motor Industry Heritage Trust

To: "Biff Jones" <>
Subject: Re: British Motor Industry Heritage Trust
From: "jonmac" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 00:24:10 +0100
Hi, Biff

I work at BMIHT - though not in the Archive Department. Others who have got
BMIHT certificate applications in the mail might care to note these

> Today I received my form from the British Motor Industry Heritage
> Trust and have filled most of it out,   however,  under "Vehicle
> Details, part 2." they ask for "Date of first registration" 

Date of first registration is something we have in the UK on all our cars
as the licence number usually stays with the car for its whole life -
regardless of where the owners may move to. Cars now first registered
(licenced) before 1973, no longer have to pay UK Road Tax but certification
is required by the licencing authorites and this is what BMIHT provides
from its build records.

In your case, you probably don't know when your car was first licenced - or
even if it was in your State or another State. Just put in your best
estimate of the date.

Anders Claushager at BMIHT will find the build record anyway from the
chassis number you submit and he'll know exactly which dates relate to your
car. Those will appear on your certificate when you receive it.

> "Registration mark".  I assume they are asking for the first time
> it was titled/registred when sold for the first.  But what do
> they mean by "registration mark"?  Is that a "British" thing?

Yes, it is a British thing. You call it a licence plate, we call it a
Registration Plate or a Number Plate. This needed for BMIHT to confirm the
car still exists and that the UK licence number on the certificate ties in
with the same number on the UK registration document (what I think you call
a title?) If you want to put your own US number there you can, because this
question does not affect you.

On a more general theme of BMIHT Certificates, Joe Curry on the Spitfire
List has obtained sanction from BMIHT to re-produce a web page which has
all the questions on it and a picture of a Certificate. You can print this
off, fill in the form and send it in the mail to BMIHT, together with your
payment of 25.00 pounds or US$40.00 Credit cards which are accepted are
also shown.
Joe has only just released the site and told me about it today so it really
is a 'newbie' on the web.
You'll find the site at

Regards - and hope this clarifies your confusion (?)

John Macartney

> Would appreciate any feed back.  TIA
> Biff  -  62 Sprite

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