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Re: speedo

To: AEKell <>
Subject: Re: speedo
From: Chuck Schaefer <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 19:24:37 -0500

For a 1500 MGA there should be a number on the face of the speedo
located just above the Jaeger name. It should read "SN6104/06.  1450"
This is for a standard 1500 with standard trans and differential. The
1450 means that the speedometer cable must turn 1450 times for the
odometers to advance 1.00 miles.

Some people have placed different pace plates to different mechanisms
over the years. If your odometer (tripmeter) advances 1 mile for 1 mile
travelled, then the speedo is probably the right model. That is to say
if the odometers work at all. Internal fiber gears have a tendancy to
strip the teeth off and become non-functional.  

It probably needs a rebuild. Any of the instrument places will rebuild
for about $100.00 for any and all problems found.

Chuck Schaefer

AEKell wrote:
> Hello there,
> Can anyone present a lesson on speedometers?  Have a '57 MGA and have always
(clip, clip)

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