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MGB: Black Beauty - More Help needed

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: MGB: Black Beauty - More Help needed
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 16:40:57 -0300
Note:  This was at the end of my rather long previous message.  Most folks
may have have missed it if they did not read the whole message.


The following items may or may not be related.  My car is a 1980 MGB LE
with Federal Specs.

My fuel pump clicks very loudly when I turn the key then when pressure is
achieved, although the clicking softens, it is still very loud.  What
stumps me is that once the engine is shut down (and the ignition is turned
off with key removed) the clicking continues for a while.  Any ideas what
is wrong here?  What can i do to diagnos the problem?

Last month I got fed up with antics of the automatic hot water controled
choke and replaced it with a manual choke from Moss.  While I am having a
bit of problem learning the exact choke withdrawl distance in conjunction
with the accelerator kick down to set the choke (yes a kickdown is still
needed), I am not getting a throttle effect from the choke.  (I think the
choke should not only change the gas/air ratio but should also increase
rpms).  I pulled it all apart yesterday to make sure that the lug of the
choke drive spring is engaged with the operating lever.  Thoughts?

In recent days (I do not know if it is tied to the choke installation but
it may be), the smell of gas is present.  When I run my fingers along the
bottom of the float chamber (i assume this is what the large 'box' like
device is on the bottom of the carb) they come up wet.  I dried it off,
and tightened the cscrews.  A few hours later the bottom is wet again. 
The choke is off and the car has not been run in between wipes (although
while trouble shooting my speaker wires I did turn on the ignition (and
thus the fuel pump) a few times).  The connection to the gas line seems to
be dry.  Any ideas?

I have Haynes Zenith Stromberg book for CD carbs (thru 76) but it does not
cover the 175CD-5T found on Beauty.  Is there a later Haynes manual that
does or is there another source that I should be looking for?

As I think about these fuel related problems,  I see myself making my
first ever adventure into the world of carb rebuilding.  My Brit VIC
catalogue does not say much about the contents of their carb rebuild kit. 
Are instructions included?  What parts are provided in the kit?  Will I
need any parts beyond those in the kit?  Should i change the metering
needle?  What are the pros and cons of the Grose jet?  Having never opened
up a carb, I will accept all and any advice on how to proceed, how to
check for other worn parts, what cleaning materials are needed, etc.

Thanks for any and all advice you may provided

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| Betti Ann and Preston Smith in the Head of St Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia, 
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