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Ravenous MG'ers...<A rant>

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Subject: Ravenous MG'ers...<A rant>
From: "Mike Lishego" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 19:20:39 -0400
Hello all,
        As you may or may not know, I was recently in the process of selling my 
from my '77 MGB.  (It IS sold, BTW)    Anyway, I have had e-mails from
plenty of folks, and needless to say, the kit went to the first buyer. 
Now, I know I was offering a helluva good deal on the kit, but, I couldn't
guarantee it's working order, so I didn't want to charge top bucks for it. 

        Anyway, The transmission is at my home in PA, about an hour away from
Pittsburgh.  I have been responding to everybody who inquires about the
tranny, telling them politely that it was sold, but I would keep them in
mind (in the order of their response) if this buyer backed out.  About a
day ago, I got an e-mail from someone in Pittsburgh who said that they
wanted the transmission, and they could come over the weekend to pick it
up.  Now, this person was 11th in line for the thing, so I sent them a
polite message saying that it was sold, etc...Apparently, this wasn't
enough for this individual.  They called directory assistance to get my
home phone number in PA, then called my parents to ask them about it!!!  To
make it better, this person said they'd be driving in over the weekend to
pick it up.  Fortunately, I had told my mother where the transmission
needed shipped to, so she didn't agree to sell it to this person.  
        Now, am I wrong in being upset about this?  First, I told them that the
unit was already sold.  They had no reason to pursue it any further, but to
look up my number, call my home and bother my parents with the details
after getting an e-mail from me is outrageous!  On top of that, from what I
understand from my mother (who has no reason to lie) they were speaking as
though I had sold them the unit and it was a done deal.  That made me a bit
suspicious.  Who's to say there wasn't some kind of swindling going on?  
        I am withholding this person's name until I hear their side of the 
and for fear they are a member on this list.  Not to mention that, if
they've gone as far as calling directory assistance to get at this tranny,
who's to say they won't go further?  
        Now please, everyone on this list is very reasonable.  Am I 
 Is this what I should expect every time I sell MG parts?
<rant mode off>

"Take time to smell the roadsters."
Michael S. Lishego

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