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Re: Vent window

To: "Paul Hunt" <>
Subject: Re: Vent window
From: Joseph Cianciotti <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 98 20:34:29 -0700
A while back, I asked:
>Are there any adjustments I can make to improve the alignment of a vent 
window?  The PO 
>fashioned the bottom half of a hinge out of some sheet metal. When I replace 
it with the
>proper piece, the window sticks out at the top.  And when I bend the hinge to 
bring the top
>of the window in, it pushes the window backward so it won't close properly.  

Paul Hunt responded:
>Are you sure you have the right hinge?  The roadster and GT are different.

I checked the Vicky Brit's catalog and, sure enough, the bottom hinges 
are different (At least their part numbers are.) Now the $64,000 
question: how do I tell the difference?  (Other than by reading the part 
number.) And if I do have the correct hinge, what else can I do to 
correct the problem? Thanks.

67 B Roadster

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