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Legal Again!

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Subject: Legal Again!
From: "Miller, John" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 06:56:04 -0600
Well, my B finally passed Colorado emissions Tuesday (with flying colors, no
less), and yesterday I got my Colorado license plates.  So for the first
time in four years, I may legally drive my MGB on the road.  I never knew it
could be such a nightmare to bring a car from a smog-friendly state
(Pennsylvania) to a smog unfriendly state and expect to register it.  All I
can say is anyone considering taking any emissions equipment off their car,
whatever you do, don't get rid of it.  As useless as these things may seem
when you rip them off the car, they are priceless when it comes to the
dreaded "Visual Inspection".   I would just like to thank everyone on this
list for giving me a reason to eventually get to this point.  I've been on
this list for about two years, and although I hardly ever made a
contribution, just reading about all the fun everyone has with their lbc's
helped justify spending a lot of money and countless hours to install a
bunch of equipment that only makes the car less powerful.  Thanks again for
saving me from becoming a DPO! 

John Miller
76 MGB

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