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R: Any thoughts on the "Colortune" tool?

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Subject: R: Any thoughts on the "Colortune" tool?
From: "Alberto Manganini" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 00:44:24 +0200
> Since the two SUs are connected to a common manifold that can crossfeed
> mixtures of each, how does this effect the color you see on the
Colortune?  I
> can see how the use of two Colortune units might be far more accurate
> just one.  Any comments or thoughts along these lines?  Jim '53 TD 

Don't know if two Colortune might be better, but keep in mind that carb
synchronisation *must* be achieved *before* any attempt to set the mixture,
and then you work on the carb directly connected to the cylinder you're
looking at with the Colortune. When carb no. 1 is ok, you set the other. At
this point, I usually re-check both with the Colourtune, and re-check their
balance (I prefer the "short pipe" method than Carbalancer, for the latter
is very sensitive to the inclination of the gauge and the pressure you
apply on the part in contact with the carb). On my B I got exceptionally
good results in a couple of hours, starting from a badly rich mix, the very
first time I turned the nut of a carb, but the accuracy is always depending
on a printed idea of what you can see with the actual device.
In order to get better results, a CO-meter would be far more accurate than
two Colortune.

 Alberto Manganini -
"Virgin wool comes from ugly sheep"

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