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Still working my carbs/timing, not making needed progress.

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Subject: Still working my carbs/timing, not making needed progress.
From: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 08:42:39 +0000
My car has not run right for quite sometime. I had to adjust my carbs to get 
past emmisions tests here in Co 
and I think this may have been the start of the problems.  I have since 
replaced the cam shaft and timing 
chain.  (A mech. I took it too said he couldn't get it to stay timed at high 
RPM. And since it was making a 
horrible noise he offered to change the chain for $250.)  I took it apart and 
found that the shaft was damaged.  

Now I have got the car back together.  It idles well (it has a minor 
performance camshaft) now and will run 
up to about 3000 RPM without missing if I barely touch the gas.  If I stomp on 
it then it will wrap up to
about 4500 RPM missing all the way. (needed a tune for that..)    This is the 
first B I have worked on, and 
the first carbs I have messed with.  I think that my mixture/balance is off, 
but I am not sure.  Since it seems to 
be related to fuel flow I think it is a carb problem. I have adjusted the 
timing with a light and I think I have it 
set correctly.  When I wrap the engine up a bit it the marks move back to 
counter clockwise.  If I pull the 
hoses it does not move counter clockwise.  If I suck on the vacuum hose (YUCK!) 
it advances as well.

My question is if it is reasonable to believe that I still have a carb problem?


Andrew Lundgren

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