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Re: Parts Week - part two

Subject: Re: Parts Week - part two
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 13:14:00 EDT
Those of you who DONT like parts for sale postings - hit delete now!

Well it wasnt the most kindly of days weather wise yesterday when i
about a ton and a half of stuff off to the swap meet in Milford - very
few hardy souls
braved the elements and as a result i lugged most of the stuff back
(just about paid for gas money, entrance fee and lunch!)
There were THREE overdrives for sale and they were still there when i
left - tells you what it was like!
I really do need to clear some of this stuff out however to make room for
new junk and finance the renaissance of the 69! - So here is a list of
what i have with a few incredibly reasonable prices to see if any of you
need it - let me know
Most of the parts are thoroughly cleaned,  refurbished/painted and in
nice new ziplock bags at no extra cost!! - Shipping extra at whatever the
cost is

Bonnet                  $50             fan belt
pulley  $20
driveshaft                      $35             themostat cover(73)
exhaust manifold                $35             5 rostyle rims
        $ 5each   rear hubs and backing
plates  $35             rear wire wheel hubs$50
GT hatch                        $35             complete front
end     $75
GT hatch trim           $35             GT door caps (all 4) $45
GT windshield trim              $35             GT door
trim(A.leaf)    $25
GT drivers side quarterlight    $25             interior
GT rear seat - back and bottom$40               ashtray
(chrome)        $ 8
GT sunvisors(2)         $10             73
radio(Audiovox) $35
valve cover(black,cleaned
only)$20                console         $15 
grille for 72-74(poor/ok)       $15             radio
console $15
pair autumn leaf headrests      $20             steering column
pair seat frames(v.good)        $50             front
bumper  $35
soft top frame - late model incl header rail$40 set used 69
interior panels $50
side marker lights              $12             GT rear
windows $35
gas guages              $15             GT hatch bed    $15
temp guages             $15             radiator
oil pressure guages             $15             windshield assy
incl glass$100
turn signal/dimmer switch       $40             bonnet
prop(73)        $10
wiper/o/d switch                $40             68 radio(B Leyland) 
various rocker switches         $10 each                GT r/window surr
Hardtop for 69          $400            Gearhshift
Radiator(73)            $35

Plus some other odds and sods  - just ask

mike robson
69 roadster
70 BGT
72 roadster

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