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RE: US front license on Rubber Bumber MGB?

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Subject: RE: US front license on Rubber Bumber MGB?
From: "RossOvercash" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 18:33:17 -0400
Call or look in the new Moss catlog on page 48, I'm no expert on rubber
bumper B's but it appears that a bracket is available.  Someone on the list
must have purchased a B that needed a front plate when new! Or even own one
that has a front plate on it now!

Safety Fast!!

Ross Overcash, 74B, NAMGBR 2-1172, Ayer, MA

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> Subject: US front license on Rubber Bumber MGB?
> I have just purchased an MGB, '79.  The front bumper is 'virgin'.  The
> shop I am buying it from is resistant to attaching the front license
> plate for both aesthetic and air flow (cooling) reasons.
> What are the solutions for attaching the front license plate?
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