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Re: Induction Heater(IH)

To: "Stephen S. Koscielny" <>
Subject: Re: Induction Heater(IH)
From: James McPhee <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 21:25:03 -0600
Stephen S. Koscielny wrote:
> Jim,
> The Induction Heater is used when the temperature is about 40 deg F to
> pre heat the incoming air to assist in vaporization of the fuel at low
> temperatures.  The wire (blue/green as I recall is from the passenger
> side of the block and connects to one of the spade lugs on the IH.  The
> IH black "bulb" senses temperature and closed at low temperature to
> activate the heater when you start the car.  As the temperature increases
> the "Bulb" sensed a higher temp and "opens".
> To test your IH remove it and put it in your freezer.  Test with an Ohm
> meter if you get a complete circuit when cold it is good.
> I have a spare IH if yours is bad that I no longer need.  If you are
> interested let me know.
> Safety Fast,
> Steve Koscielny
> 804 Hurricane Creek RD
> Chattanooga, TN 37421-4552
> 423-899-6921
> Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 20:16:16 -0600
> From: James McPhee <>
> Subject: Re: Fuel delivery problem-'79 roadster
> By the way, what is the purpose of what Moss calls the "Induction
> Heater" that goes between the carb and the manifold, and should there be
> two wires attached, or just the one as on my car.  It has two spade
> terminals. Pretty expensive little "heater".
> Thanks again to all.
> Jim McPhee
> Placitas,  NM
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As far as I know, mine is working fine. I was just curious as this was
the first time I have had the carb off(only owned car for 3.5 months)
and had never encountered one before. The Haynes manual did not cover
their presence/purpose, either.
When I was in Scotland in the Navy I had a Hillman Minx.  The carb on
that car would frost over when temp/humidity(never any lack of humidity)
conditions were just right.  Had to stop car, let engine heat thaw carb
before driving off again.  Only happened once per trip.  Bet that car
would have benefitted from a heater on the carb/intake manifold.

Jim McPhee
Placitas, New Mexico

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