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Re: Fw: MGB Jack Color - Blue what? :)

To: Dan Ray <>
Subject: Re: Fw: MGB Jack Color - Blue what? :)
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 19:58:49 +0000
Dan Ray wrote:
> John:
> Thanks for the input!
> I think I have a consensus that the proper color is the blue!
> Now does anyone know what the paint code or name of this color is? I've
> looked in the Moss catalog and Porter's book with no luck.
> Is it "Tudor Blue" like the washer bracket? Is it "Iris Blue"? There's a
> "Leyland white", is there a "Leyland Blue"? (that would probably be it)
> Where would I find this info?
> Or should I just quit being so anal retentive, shut up, and try to find a
> close match at a local parts store?
> Dan
> '73 B
> John Baker said:
> >>Yep mine is original and in good shape and pale blue.

Clausager doesn't seem to consider it anal to discuss colour, although he 
stops short of paint codes for them.  

He says that "The original red-painted King Dick jack (AHH 6538) was rep[laced 
in May 1973 by a stronger alternative (BHH 1264) from the same maker.  A new 
black Metallifacture jack (BHH 5329), introduced in February 1974 and common to 
four-cylinder and V8 models ...).  However on the previous page he says that 
V8s "... initially (had) a different jack (BHH 5178) which was blue and made by 
Metallifacture, although this was supplied with some four-cylinder cars as 
well".  The book has pictures of all three jacks but unfortunately car colours 
are not in the same shots.


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