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Re: Fwd: looking for parts!!!!

Subject: Re: Fwd: looking for parts!!!!
From: (Randell S Kegg)
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 23:28:23 EDT
In answer to your question about the oil seal, Yes, you can unscrew the
nut, remove the yoke, replace the seal, and replace the nut. But..... You
will need an impact wrench to take the nut off, (most likely), It should
be torqued back on to approximately 120 ft. lbs.
You can make a tool to hold the yoke while you tighten the pinion nut by
taking a piece of angle iron, cut a curve in it to fit the round shape of
the yoke, drill two holes in it, and bolt it to the yoke. Bolt it to 
where the driveshaft bolts would go. This will give you the leverage you
need to tighten the nut.

Good luck.....
Randy Kegg

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>Subject: looking for parts!!!!
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>Hello all,  Im looking for a front valance [steel] for an MGA some 
>dents OK
>but not twisted. also a question? how hard is it to replace the oil 
>seal on
>the front yoke of the rear end of an"A" looks like you should be able 
>to just
>unscrew the large nut holding the yoke on and pull out the old seal 
>put in new
>and screw the yoke back on. yes/no 
>Sean Muldoon. 58 roadster

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