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Re: List Hat & list logo

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Subject: Re: List Hat & list logo
From: "Mike Lishego" <>
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 01:35:31 -0400
I've come up with three different, yet classic bitmap logos for the list.  I
think it would be a good idea to choose a list logo.  Members could print
them out and tape them inside their windows, and would give us a sense of
identity at car shows, and in the general public.  Is anyone willing to give
up some webspace so we can all view these and all decide on a favorite?  I
think the best way to do it would be to vote, via e-mail to me.  Or, if
you'd like, I could post all three to the list.  Of course, all are shrunk
to a usable size...I just don't want to waste bandwidth if nobody's too
enthralled with the logo idea.
    Let me include a description of each one -

Logo #1 is the MG radio blanking plate emblem.  Above the logo are the words
"MG List" in a semi-circle arch.  Below the logo, in another semi-circle
arch is the text

Logo #2 features the "Safety fast" graphic, with it's centered MG octagon.
Above the graphic and right-justified are the words "MG List".  Running
across the entire bottom of the logo is the text

Logo #3 has a plain MG octagon featured.  Running up the left-hand side of
the octagon, from top to bottom, are the words "MG List".  Running along the
entire bottom of the logo is the text

All of these are in black and white.  The hats are tan slouch-style caps,
and the logo would be in black print.  So, what do YOU think?

"Take time to smell the roadsters."
Michael S. Lishego

>Hello all,
>    I have taken the time to look at Lynn's hats, and they are pretty darn
>nice!  I suggest you check it out at for an
>idea of what they look like.  Does our list have a logo?  I didn't think so
>either.  If anyone else is really interested, I'm going to try to make one
>up.  I'm going to send it to Lynn to have a hat made up for myself.  If
>anyone else wants a bitmap copy of the logo to peruse before they order a
>hat, let me know...
>"Take time to smell the roadsters."
>Michael S. Lishego

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