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RE: MGB Engine Numbers

Subject: RE: MGB Engine Numbers
From: "Jones, Mark" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 08:08:09 -0400
Does anyone on the list have information on the numbering system used on
Marina engines?  If I do have a Marina engine what would be the differences
between a Marina and an MGB engine?


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> Subject:      Re: MGB Engine Numbers
> The carbs should have an aluminium tag under one of the dashpot securing
> screws.
> Nearly all the exchange engines always have a 48G prefix, 737 covers the
> engine numbers either side of yours, the only differences are the latest
> 18V
> engines which have BHM prefixes.
> In the text Clausager says that "if an 18V engine is found in an MGB with
> a
> three-digit number NOT listed in this book, it will be from either a
> Marina
> or a Sherpa".
> Cheers,
> PaulH.
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> Date: 18 February 1999 13:17
> Subject: RE: MGB Engine Numbers
> >I have gone through Clausager myself and like you can't find any
> reference
> >to 658M either.  I do have two SU carbs, but I haven't checked them to
> find
> >a model number (where would I look?) and I do have the proper emission
> >controls for my build date which really makes me wonder about the M.
> Could
> >it be a factory reconditioned engine.  If I recall correctly
> reconditioned
> >engines had a different type of engine number signifying them as being
> >factory reconditioned.
> >
> >Mark
> >

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