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Re: Checking In

Subject: Re: Checking In
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 08:46:56 -0400 wrote:
> Just stopped back for a brief visit

Out to Pender's Invitational Spurious Shindig (PISS)
> today. Had a blast seeing Robson, Stuart, Brown and Fox from the list and a 
>bunch of others.
> There were 5 V8 powered Bs, one V6 propelled 

Yeah It looked like a private national gathering of V8's in Ian's back
yard - i took a few pictures and will put them on a web page later this 
morning and will let ya'll know the url if you are interested.

Ian's sign in sheet for the P.I.S.S. Party was a '69 B Roadster -
everyone had to sign the bonnet with a Black Marker Pen!

Spuriously ,


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