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Subject: Saturday
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 10:33:13 EDT
Yesterday was an interesting one! - The redoubtable Ian Pender had
decided to have his own car show at the Pender Fairgrounds in New Jersey
and invited numerous folk from the eastern seaboard (Connecticut to DC)
who all swooped down there for a little chitchat and the odd malted
beverage.About 15-20 beautiful cars, many of the V8 and V6 persuasion and
a hell of a lot of expertise one way and another.
The guest book was a less than concourse 69 roadster which also served as
a beer cooler, garbage dumpster and bottle opener
I decided to take the Riley since it has been running well and - heck -
its only 120 miles each way....this was not necessarily a great idea -
the car runs hot at the best of times which coupled with a heater valve
stuck in the open position, 95 degree heat and NJ traffic led me to
arrive there one step short of a grease spot! This was however
insignificant compared to the trip home - fortunately i was following
David Deutsch who noticed that the car was losing coolant at a rate of
knots so for the first 30-40 miles it was stop for a gallon of water
every 15 minutes. the car died a couple of times and eventually we found
a place that sold radiator sealant which eventually did the job but seems
to have sealed the thermostat as well - David kindly shepherded me most
of the way home and apart from feeling like id spent the day in a pottery
kiln all was well - i suppose ill have to fix it today - anyone got a
water pump gasket for a 53 RMF?????
God this stuff is fun!!!

mike robson
69 roadster
70 BGT
53 Thernonuclear device

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