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A few thoughts for the road...

Subject: A few thoughts for the road...
From: Lane Rollins <>
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 10:26:23 -0700
Well we will be off for the GoF West  at Whistler, B.C. in about an hour.
Just thought I would throw out a bunch of random thoughts and questions.

On the off chance we have problems... is there any one or place in the
Seattle area you would recomend for parts or repair? I'm taking the laptop
with me so I'll be able to get answers to this one.

One of the things I've  been fighting the last couple years with the TF is
the new MOSS water pumps. Instead of the castled nut and a cotter pin to
hold the pulley on like the original they use a nylock nut. The problem is
that they have a bad tendency to work loose and then damage the pulley if
not caught right away. This time I used a little blue locktite on the
threads. Does anybody have a better solution?

An odd thing I found was that the later B plastic fans have the same bolt
pattern as the T series fan. To get it all to fit I moved the spacer to the
other side of the fan. It sits a little farther back then the original, but
seems to work much better. Luckly we haven't had the really hot weather
here in the northwest.

Last week was the Columbia Gorge Ralley... some really beautifull cars for
this one. One of my favorites was a blue Lancia sedan, first production V6
in it. There was a real AC Cobra, Morgan +4 drop head coupe, several old
Jags, and a good Alfa contingent, a long with the heard of MGA's and B's.
The winner was a real suprise, it was rubber nose B that the owner had
never done a TSD before. Actually he didn't even really know what a TSD was
until the night before. Great weekend other then loosing the timing chain
the next day in my A, thank god for AAA plus.

Back on the alternate engines to put in a B... I know this is going to be
bad, but what about a Miata motor? It's a rear wheel drive car so
everything should fit. Or even an RX7 motor?

 Well I better finish packing....


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