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Re: Relay questions

Subject: Re: Relay questions
From: Enrique Claure <>
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 22:13:41 -0700
Hi list, I am installing the starter and ignition switch relay. After
reading Rick Ewalds advice (see below)I understand the starter cables go as

N (brown) to 30/15 from battery
B (black) 85 ground
WR (white red) 87 load
NW (brown white) 86

After the fuse box I have four free cables BLACK, WHITE/BLACK, BROWN,
WHITE. Is this for the the ignition switch relay? If so why cant I find it
in the VB catalog?

In my Haynes manual, pg 201 wiring diagram I cant find the fan relay?

Thanks a million for the help, Enrique

Rick Ewalds said:
(15/30 is the hot for the load terminal 30 would be hot off battery, 15 is
switched by ignition switch.
86 is one side of the relay coil (control) usually connected to power,85 is
the other side of the relay coil usually grounded. 87 is the output to the
load. So it works like this, 86 gets power and 85 is grounded.  This causes
the relay to close. Power is transmitted from 30/15 out to 87 which is
connected to the load. When either the power to 86 or the ground to 85 is
interrupted (turning off the switch) the relay opens and the path between
30/15d and 87 is broken)

(Enrique Claure)
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