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New Aluminum Head

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Subject: New Aluminum Head
From: Chris Attias <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 12:09:10 -0700
Driving home from work the other day, I noticed a bit more valve 
noise than I was used to and a miss at idle after things were good 
and hot.  After dinner, I did a little diagnostic work and came up 
with the very good possibility that I was looking at a sticking 
valve.  I still should do a vacuum test to confirm it, but it got me 
thinking about what to do if I was right.  I have never had this head 
off, and don't know what the valve seats are made of, nor the guides. 
Haven't magnifluxed it, either.  There's always the possibility of 
putting a lot of work into it, and having it crack...

After a lot of debate with myself and a chat with my Significant 
Other re: finances, I came to the decision to go for an aluminum 
replacement head, non-cross flow type.  Since I'm not doing a full 
rebuild, and it's a three main engine, I decided not to go the 
serious Rimflow valve route, and would probably be getting a complete 
early head with standard valves.  A look at the usual catalogs was a 
bit disappointing, in that we're getting into serious money.  Even 
the late iron head at VB was over $700 complete.  The APS hot street 
heads with Rimflows were over $1000.

I called up Pierce Manifolds (408-842-6667) in Gilroy, CA, the 
manufacturer of the alum siamese and crossflow heads that a number of 
catalogs sell.  They quoted a price about $150 under what VB wants. 
I'm hoping to get out there (I live about 30 miles away) in the next 
week to pick one up (yeh, I could have it shipped, but it's a fun 

Anyone  have any stories, good or bad, about aluminum B heads?
Chris Attias
'64 MGB
'84 Alfa Romeo GTV-6

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